Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery - a lifeline in nightmare situations

A shocking 60% of companies which lose their data close down within six months of a distaster.

Yet many businesses and organisations have no data protectsion or risk mitigation strategy in place.

Clark IT disaster recovery will assess your IT infrastructure and implement measures to decrease the damage posed by an incident from natural events such as flooding, equipment failure, accidental manmade issues and cyber-attacks.

We’ll help you anticipate, plan for, prevent, survive and recovery from any disaster which affects your business. We’ll be your lifeboat in a storm; keeping you afloat when you need it most.

And we’ll ensure your business’s continuity with minimum downtime and maximum effectiveness.

The Clark IT solution can

  • Backups of entire servers, multiple times a day, automatically without slowing anything down
  • Backups copied securely to a datacentre
  • Backups automatically tested to ensure they are ready to use for recovery
  • Ability to recover individual files instantly, or restore an entire server
  • Bring a server online virtually, even if the original hardware is destroyed
  • Disaster-proof your business IT before it's too late.

Read how we provided a solution to Annie Kenyon Architects ageing phone system which was prone to lightning strikes and storms with a cloud solution. 

Disaster-proof your business IT before it's too late. Get in touch today.