Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery - a lifeline in nightmare situations

Surviving a major incident - a true story

A client was hit with one of the nastiest pieces of malware to emerge in recent years. A form of crypto-ransomware, it was undetectable so it bypassed security software. It then started to encrypt all the data on the main file server. Critical company information was completely inaccessible. The company was rapidly grinding to a halt.

This disaster happened to thousands of companies up and down the country in the space of a few months. Many were forced to pay the "ransom" demanded by the malware creators as the only way to recover their data. Some didn't get their data back and went out of business.

Our client didn't panic. And they didn't need to.

Sitting in their server room was a box which got them out of that potentially disastrous situation. Our support engineers quickly identified the issue and the malware was stopped. The encrypted data was fully restored, and the business was back up and running in hours. (And, of course, some custom security policies were created by our engineers to prevent the same malware being able to run again).

Sleep well at night

If our disaster recovery technology hadn't been present, this would not have been a happy story.

The statistics are sobering:

60% of companies that lose their data close down within 6 months of the disaster.

Our disaster recovery solution can enable your business to survive almost anything.

It really lets you sleep well at night.

  • Backups of entire servers, multiple times a day, automatically without slowing anything down
  • Backups copied securely to a datacentre
  • Backups automatically tested to ensure they are ready to use for recovery
  • Ability to recover individual files instantly, or restore an entire server
  • Bring a server online virtually, even if the original hardware is destroyed

Disaster-proof your business IT before it's too late. Get in touch today.