Cyber Security

Cyber Security - an integrated solution for GDPR and beyond

GDPR - it's confusing, right?

With the May 2018 deadline looming, you've been inundated with facts and figures about the GDPR. It's confusing, and so much information to take in you're probably left wondering what actually applies to you and what you should do first. 

There are so many facts you need to know:


 But Cyber Security goes far beyond the need for compliance with the GDPR. It's not just about ticking boxes to keep up with legislation. You need your business to be truly secure from the ever increasing threat of cyber attacks, data leaks, and systems failures.

We know from talking to many company directors that you just want a solution. You know your business needs to be compliant, and you know you need protection from cyber threats. But it’s so complicated and time consuming.

Where do you start? How do you know the information you’ve gathered is accurate?

Perhaps you’ve picked up some inaccurate information and are caught in one of the many GDPR myths.

GDPR Myths

Your Cyber Security taken care of

The solution? A partner with an integrated approach. 

A partner who can tie together the areas of compliance, data handling, security, disaster recovery and so on. Someone to take the pressure off, tell you exactly what you need, and get everything in progress. 

Clark Integrated Technologies has designed just this solution. We’re a qualified GDPR Assessor, and IASME and Cyber Essentials Certification Body and Auditors. We provide cloud services, disaster recovery, and IT support. But we’re also an integrator - we have strategic partnerships with providers to handle all aspects of cyber security. We bring everything together to build the most robust solution possible with the least hassle for you.

That means  you don’t need to figure out what you need and then deal with multiple partners - you’ve found the only Cyber Security partner you need.

A true solution is not just integrated, it also needs to keep your business on top of the ever-changing legislation and emerging cyber threats. That’s why we provide continual compliance monitoring and audits to keep you up to date, safe and secure into the future.

The Clark IT integrated Cyber Security solution:

  • Cyber Security audit
  • Integrated Cyber Security solution (including GDPR compliance)
  • Continual compliance

Get started with a Cyber Security audit

We’ll take you through an assessment to find your main Cyber Security weak points, as well as what you need for GDPR compliance. 

There is no charge for the audit - you can take the first step to a secure, compliant business today.