Cloud Services

Cloud services which reduce costs and increase productivity

The power of "the cloud"

It's been one of the biggest areas of growth in the technology industry in recent times, and cloud services are popular with good reason. Lower costs, safer data, faster antivirus, easier file-sharing - the benefits over "traditional" hardware and software are many and varied.

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c-stream: Best-in-class cloud services to give you an edge

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Our c-stream suite of cloud products and services can give your business an edge.

Whether it's moving to cloud-based email to cut down software licensing costs, filtering out spam with incredible effectiveness, or speeding up all computers by using cloud-based antivirus, our services are aimed at improving your business.

Business needs change constantly, and sometimes very rapidly. One of the benefits of cloud services is the ability to scale very quickly and easily. Scaling back part of the business? Stop paying for licenses and start saving immediately. Opening a new department? Add new users, storage space, antivirus endpoints etc with no delay.

c-stream cloud services may be the edge you've been looking for.

Set us a challenge to find efficiencies for your business. We'll be glad to rise to it!