Austen Clark - Clark IT
Scottish tech firm boss Austen Clark will join Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world wide web, in addressing a world gathering of technology experts meeting in the USA next month.
Mr Clark is one of the speakers at IT Nation 2018.
The conference provides a platform for the world’s top technology thought leaders, including Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the engineer and computer scientist credited with creating the web, to address industry leaders and professionals.
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Phishing email scams have existed for as long as the internet, but they're now smarter, slicker and more sophisticated.

Austen Clark tells Global and Finance Review how to avoid being baited by them.

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Looking for the chance to enter the world of work at a dynamic North-east technology company?

Then here’s your chance.

An opening has arisen for an apprentice support engineer at Clark Integrated Technologies. If you think you could shine in the IT sector then is could be for you.

To apply, or for more information, please contact Margo Milne at

View and Download Job Description

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"GDPR makes it harder for recruiters to have arm’s length relationships with candidates and a lot more effort will need to be put into developing robust recruitment processes that meet the guidelines".

Austen Clark talks to GDPR Report about how GDPR impacts data-handling businesses, particularly recruitment firms, outlining what the efforts that need to be made.

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GDPR is a route towards positive business transformation – not unnecessary bureaucracy or a hindrance to business, Austen Clark tells SME News.

Austen shares a five-point plan to help SMEs visualise the road towards continual compliance – you may be beyond the first stages already, but stay on the road, keep moving forward and you will get to your destination. Use this as a road map to provide a focus for the journey ahead.

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