Attackers have patience to acquire multiple footholds to launch an attack at the proper time, Austen Clark tells TMT.

Data theft has been the driving force behind many of the latest attacks and it’s increasingly important to manage risks and protect business.

There’s no such thing as a silver bullet – all systems have weaknesses and vulnerabilities - but there are steps that will protect your organisation from becoming the next victim of cybercrime.

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Austen Clark - Clark IT
Scottish tech firm boss Austen Clark will join Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world wide web, in addressing a world gathering of technology experts meeting in the USA next month.
Mr Clark is one of the speakers at IT Nation 2018.
The conference provides a platform for the world’s top technology thought leaders, including Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the engineer and computer scientist credited with creating the web, to address industry leaders and professionals.
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Phishing email scams have existed for as long as the internet, but they're now smarter, slicker and more sophisticated.

Austen Clark tells Global and Finance Review how to avoid being baited by them.

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