Clark IT achieve IASME Gold Certified Assessor

iasme certificate

After recent assessment, Clark Integrated Technologies is delighted to become the first IT company north of Edinburgh to be Accredited to Certify companies for Cyber Essentials – Security Audits and Certify clients to the IASME Gold Security standards.

With the rising tide of companies seeking assistance and affirmation with cyber security measures and policies, Clark IT is ready to help. As a gold Certification Body, Clark IT can assist businesses with Cyber Essentials accreditation, IASME governance and assess their readiness for EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Regardless of Brexit outcomes, GDPR comes into force in May next year and UK companies will have to comply. There will be massive fines for non-compliant companies falling foul of data breaches – and no business would wish to risk the potential for loss of reputation and downtime in the event of an incident. Now is the time to prepare for GDPR by verifying your compliance and certifying your company against Cyber Essentials, a Government scheme to ensure minimum standards for business Cyber Security practices.

Cyber Essentials, GDPR and IASME accreditations are not simply ‘checklist exercises’ to be completed by a certifying body without an understanding of the technical, procedural and staffing implications; these are multi-disciplinary areas with a core focus around IT and data management, and Clark IT takes a holistic view to ensure the right outcomes.

A challenge Clark IT has had to overcome with GDPR compliance was in identifying the different business areas and needs when complying with new legislation. Clark IT has formed a consortium of like-minded businesses to ensure that clients receive unparalleled legal counsel, exceptional IT guidance and invaluable insurance against risk.

Through our accreditation process, we have appointed specific internal ‘Champions’ and ‘Specialists’ to help clarify technical terms, share knowledge and ensure compliance across the various fields involved.

With several hundred enforcement measures for companies to comply with, the task can be daunting when handled by individuals within a company. Our approach ensures that clients are aware and assisted every step of the way by an expert in their field who will be able to resolve any potential issues and communicate (in general terms) with clients, boards of directors and third party IT companies if they are involved.

Clark IT is the first IT-based certification body north of Edinburgh approved and backed by IASME to deliver Cyber Essentials accreditation, IASME Gold and GDPR compliance. With a unique product and service offering, Clark IT is ready to become part of your team.