It’s natural to be concerned about password security. After all, every day, both individuals and corporations are at serious risk of hacking and loss of their critical data.

When this happens, not only can it negatively impact your experiences online, but it can also have a dramatic impact on consumer trust, as we’ve seen in several high-profile hacking events.

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Firms failing to tap into technology

Small and medium businesses are at risk of stifling their potential - and effectively throwing away time and money - by ignoring the technology available to them at their fingertips.

Research shows that SMEs are failing to fully exploit software packages available to them and are shunning the greatest resource that has revolutionised the modern workplace – digital technology.

Aberdeenshire IT specialist Austen Clark says it is a missed opportunity – and likened it to businesses simply throwing money away.

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The Scottish public sector spends more than £11 billion a year buying goods, services and works but SMEs could miss out on a share of the lucrative market by failing to show that they take digital security seriously, a leading IT specialist has warned.

There is a growing demand within the public sector – such as central and local government, health and social care – for suppliers to have a demonstrable standard in cyber security, with the Scottish Government at the forefront of efforts to raise the bar on supply chain cyber security.

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Clark IT  has picked up a coveted award at the European conference of one of the world’s leading providers of IT solutions.

The Aberdeenshire-based firm is one of only two Scottish IT specialists to receive a golden Datto, a badge of honour that recognises it as a gold-standard managed service provider (MSP).

It was presented during Datto’s largest ever European partner convention that welcomed more than 850 tech leaders from 25 countries to Paris last month (October).

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beat the rising tide of cybercrime

Now is the time to apply for Cyber Essentials vouchers

Brazen criminals are out to wreak havoc and steal from Scottish businesses – but locks, alarms and other physical security measures won’t be able to protect your organisation from the growing scourge in cybercrime.

It takes a different kind of approach to beat the rise in digital attacks – and the good news is, support is out there to help businesses protect themselves from hack attacks.

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