Office 365 provides Tricker Communications round the clock solution


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Office 365 has lived up to its name by making any place the workplace - at any time of the day or night - for Aberdeen public relations agency Tricker Communications.

Offering the full spectrum of communications solutions to a diverse range of clients meant that the busy agency demanded flexibility, adaptability and accessibility from its next generation office suite, and Clark IT recommended Office 365.

This cloud-based solution is providing enhanced and seamless working for the team at Tricker which can easily gain on and off-site accessibility to emails, files and Office programs.

Tricker Communications’ west end office remains the hub of the public relations agency’s operations, but staff are often on the roam; they may be managing an event, attending a client meeting, catching up on work on the train, or working from home.

Beverley Tricker, managing director of the firm, says: “The world in which we operate is increasingly fast paced, due to the digitally connected, social media-dominated, review-based society in which we operate.

“It means that communications businesses have to be exceptionally agile and responsive – and need IT to match. Having web-enabled access to email, important documents, contacts, and calendars on almost any device frees you to work where and when you need, letting you respond to important requests right away, from almost any location.

“A crisis will rarely occur when you are sitting at your desk during regular office hours. It will break in an evening or at a weekend, but that can’t hamper your ability to act swiftly and put processes in place.

“Now, we don’t have to hurry back to the office, or face lengthy connection times when working remotely. All our files are easily and securely accessible meaning we are able to respond to media client requests right away.”

This was put into action while a Tricker employee was on duty at a weekend hotel event and received a client request out of the blue which required a press release to be drafted for immediate issue to the media. Thanks to Office365 she was able to access files for the necessary background information, produce and issue the release to the media – all using her tablet device while at the hotel and within a two hour turnaround.

Gavin Lock of Clark IT said: “As the workplace becomes a more fluid concept, being able to access emails, files and office programs from any location and any device is a big plus to so many businesses. Even for small businesses, the office is no longer a single site, within four walls; we are seeing an increasing number of staff work in multi-locations, working from home, or in different countries.

“Office 365 provides familiar features that lets a team do its job easier and was the perfect solution when it came to the upgrade of Tricker Communications’ IT.

“It also supports communication and collaboration, with a single location to find the latest version of files or documents, regardless of how many people may be working on them.”

Tricker Communications works across a wide range of B2B and consumer clients and was CIPR Scotland’s Scottish Small Consultancy of the Year in 2017. The company’s portfolio of services includes digital communications, social media, video production, digital and print magazine production and experiential marketing as well as traditional media relations. Find out more at