MSIS improves IT functionality and saves money



Avoiding downtime and saving money – the proposal from Clark IT to remedy tech problems experienced by MSIS may have seemed almost too good to be true.

But this was exactly the pledge the Aberdeenshire IT specialists made – and delivered - after reviewing MSIS’s provision.

The environmental service and equipment firm was using a UK-based datacentre for its server’s estate, but in the current economic climate wanted to cut costs and sought a review of its hosted service.

The datacentre was affected by various issues; even when paying for N+1 service which should not have led to any downtime, on several occasions production hours were lost due to outage issues.

As an IT provider, fixing issues within this datacentre was out of Clark IT’s scope but they could offer alternative solutions, as Clark’s technical director Amar Mirashi explained.

“We discussed a roadmap with MSIS, and moved emails, one of its critical services, to O365 thus reducing the impact in the event of any inevitable datacentre outage.

“We moved all of their servers across to Azure on a Saturday, saving them 60% monthly cost for IaaS and moreover the migration was seamless.

“As they were already used to using hosted IaaS, there was no difference to the end user experience. They got their exact same environment as they had before, the only difference was instead of pointing to datacentre they now point to Azure.”

Clark IT is looking ahead to further enhancing MSIS’s IT provision with new Azure services that will help reduce its IaaS footprint and bring monthly savings too.

MSIS operates both onshore and offshore serving specialist industries including oil and gas, utilities, distilling, construction and civil engineering.

Keith Niven from MSIS said: “In Clark IT’s hands, the transition went smoothly, and it’s done away with downtime which is not only a hassle and an inconvenience, but which impacts on productivity and our ability to manage our clients expectations and changes to work scopes effectively.

“Reliable IT systems are a must and we’ve been happy to work with Clark IT to achieve these improvements in a cost-effective manner.”

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