For some firms, enabling staff to work from home has become a rushed necessity. However, now we’re almost two months into the ‘new normal’, it’s come clear to even the most reluctant business managed, that this model can work across many sectors.

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Microsoft Office365 is a cloud-based, subscription platform that has been hailed as the gold standard of the modern workplace. While you will be familiar and are likely to use its Mail, Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps, it offers a raft of other benefits that sometimes fly under the radar.

Microsoft estimate that 87% of all Office365 installations have yet to be developed by organisations that have implemented the latest way of deploying their Suite of Office Applications.

Is it not time to make the most of your investment?

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ironing boardFor some firms – and individuals – it has been a massive wake up call.

For others it has been a natural extension of an evolving work pattern.

Some businesses had no cloud capability.

Some had cloud capability and were using it in a limited way – similar to using only one programme on your twenty-programme washing machine.

Few were taking full advantage of the freedom that cloud access allows teams.

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It’s time to clean up your act and tighten your organisation’s cybersecurity.

As the number of internet-connected devices in the workplace rises, and the number of small businesses being targeted by hacking soars, it’s vital for every business to have a meaningful handle on how to beat cybercrime.

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