Backup to Move Forward- Scenario 1

As mentioned during a previous article “Someone’s Going to Have to Pay” we mentioned that we would go into more detail about secure backups in a future article. Well, welcome to the future.
Backups for a lot of people are just a copy of their information, and they’ll use cloud-based services such as Microsoft’s OneDrive, Apple’s CloudDrive, Alphabet’s Google Drive or DropBox to achieve this. However, a study from 2016 highlighted that it’s an even 36/36 split for those who backup their business data entirely as opposed to not at all (the remaining 28% would fall somewhere in between).
We have mentioned some products before in a previous article “Backups, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Other Small Animals” in which we alluded to the value and utility of cloud services in backing up your data. With data playing a greater part in business than ever before and with cyber-crime threats growing in variety and severity it’s time for everyone to start thinking of backing up their data.
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I write a blog almost every week on a different aspect of Cyber Security and threats to our data and digital lives. I wanted to write this article aimed more at the personal user with 5 things which you can implement today (for hardware you may need a couple of days for delivery) to improve your security. Please remember that there is No Silver Bullet for Cyber Security and that this is all about mitigating the risk and reducing the impact of Cyber Attacks.

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