Need a translator? We don’t just talk the talk

C SATs April 2018

At Clark IT we like to talk business, not just geek speak.

Yes, we can be nerdy computer buffs like you might find in the IT Crowd, waffling on about data mining, hyperconvergence, blockchain and VR.  And yes, beards and glasses are on trend among the males in our offices.

But when we’re talking with clients, we cut through the tech-talk and jargon and decode it to make it simple to follow and easy to understand.

We realise good communication is essential to understand and be prepared for the fast-paced and ever-changing world of IT.

As an experienced SME ourselves, and having been in business for over 25 years, we appreciate that excellent communication is vital to achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships.

Employers who invest time and energy into delivering clear lines of communication will rapidly build trust amongst employees, leading to increases in productivity, output and morale in general.

Poor communication in the workplace will inevitably lead to unmotivated staff that may begin to question their own confidence in their abilities and inevitably in the organisation.

It should be viewed just the same in your relationship with your chosen Managed Service Provider – a grand term for the people who maintain your technology.

Communication is a two-way street and here are a few pointers – in plain English of course -  to ensure you get the best service from your MSP.

  • They must be able to monitor and patch all your equipment.
  • They should provide reporting that makes sense to you and shows you the things that matter, like the health of your backup system or servers.
  • They should have a ticketing system in place, so you can create and track service requests.
  • They must be serious about back-up and disaster recovery.
  • They should have a standard contract that you can review prior to signing. 
  • You should feel comfortable with them and not feel like you're dealing with a stranger.

Operating a business is about relationships; you can't have a good working relationship with someone you don't know and trust. 

And with over 95% customer satisfaction from our IT support end users, we’ve going a long way to garner that trust among our clients.

If you’d like to talk to us, we’re only a phone call, or email away. (link) We’d be happy to come and meet you in person too – this is the real world, not just a virtual one; and we’re only human after all.