Hackers moving in on mobile devices – be on your guard advises Clark Integrated Technologies

Austen Clark, managing director of Clark Integrated Technologies in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, warns businesses to be on their guard against mobile device phishing attacks.

Through staff awareness and training, he says that organisations can help combat the growing menace.

Mr Clark comments: “Hackers and cyber criminals work like water and will always find the cracks and vulnerabilities. It is an organisation’s responsibility to be aware of these fissures and protect or fill them.

“Criminals weigh up the number of access points they can attack versus the rewards from doing so. Mobiles are in every home and every business and as such are very accessible.

“The best thing that organisations can do to thwart these attacks is to raise awareness of the latest techniques being used - and the risks they pose – and how to avoid falling victim of them.

“Mobile device security really should reflect your general IT cyber-security policies and codes, which should be relevant to all staff.

“If you don’t feel confident doing this education, ask an IT specialist to do it. They know the lengths that cybercriminals will go to in order to steal data.

“They have the knowledge and expertise at their fingertips, can give detailed explanations, as well as being able to answer questions and queries to help employees stay safe when using mobile devices.

“They will be able to advise on the actions that can be put in place – simple things like not clicking on links or sharing materials, using link validation applications and having separate work and personal mobile

“It may sound strange, but the best thing to do is develop a culture of suspicion so alarm bells start to ring around something in a message or email that doesn’t seem quite right.”