Backup to Move Forward- Scenario 2

Following on from our previous article, this is a brief Scenario concerning using “Cloud” storage for backup.

Scenario 2: Cloud Drive

Cloud Drive

You use a cloud based service to copy or store your files on instead. Potentially your entire team is doing so.

The pros of this are that your data is not on a tangible, lose-able device. It is accessible from multiple devices seamlessly and is stored off-site in a data centre.

The major con is that if your machine is infected or compromised in a Cyber Attack the account is linked to the cloud and those files are potentially locked as well. This is not a backup, simply a shift in file location.

First potential pit-fall: You compromise your data on the cloud service and it is unable to be recovered.
Second potential pit-fall: You accidentally delete your file(s). File(s) unable to be recovered as your cloud service is not backed up unless you pay for that as an additional service.

Manoeuvring your data to the cloud rather than remaining on your device allows for rapid sharing and off-site storage, but it’s still not “backing up” your data. So 3/5 on backup effectivity scale.

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