Backup to Move Forward- Scenario 3

Following on from our previous article, this is a brief Scenario concerning using “NAS” storage for backup.

Scenario 3: NAS Drive

Netgear ReadyNAS NV

You use a NAS drive on your local network to backup your data regularly from your machines without interference or action by you or your team.

Pros of this approach include the ability to automate backups, creating second copies of your data and allowing you to create iterative backups of your data: most good backup services will copy file changes rather than “full” backup/copies of your data, this means that multiple versions of your data could be recoverable.

Cons of this approach are that the information is located solely on-site and that there is only one physical location for the data. If the NAS or your site go down, you lose everything.

First potential pit-fall: The hard drive(s) fail in the NAS making data recovery impossible if required.

Second potential pit-fall: The NAS is stolen from your site and your data is gone.

Third potential pit-fall: Your site has been entirely compromised through natural disaster and you cannot retrieve any data.

A NAS backup of your devices on your local network is a very good solution to backup your data, but still has vulnerabilities. On a backup effectivity scale this solution is a 4/5.

If you would like to find out which option would suit you and your business then please let us know and we can work together to find a solution which meets your needs. You can email us on .