Backup to Move Forward- Scenario 4

Following on from our previous article, this is a brief Scenario concerning using “Hybrid” storage for backup.

Scenario 4: Hybrid Drive

Hybrid Drive

Your data is uses a combination on-site and off-site storage, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery platform.

Pros of this method are that your data is backed up swiftly on-site as changes are made then copied to the cloud storage platform as often as your data connection allows. Depending on the platform which you use, any unusually high ratio in data change will be alerted and a real-time prevention of Ransomware can be achieved.

Cons of this method are that this can be a costly monthly solution for small businesses and that if you have limited data usage or speed limitation on your data connection then your most recent cloud copy could be up to 24 hours old.

This is the most comprehensive backup solution as it employs two forms of backup; both on-site and off-site storage. This allows you the best availability of your data should the worst occur. Backup effectivity of this solution gets a solid 5/5.

While we have attributed these solutions a scale of 1-5, there are mitigating circumstances which may alter the standings for some clients. If you would like to find out which option would suit you and your business then please let us know and we can work together to find a solution which meets your needs. You can email us on .