What Is On The Dark Web?

For the uninitiated, the dark web can seem like a scary place. It's often associated with illegal activity, such as drug trafficking and identity theft. But what is the dark web, really? In this blog post, we'll take a look at what you can find on the dark web and what harm it can do to your business.


What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is a part of the internet that can only be accessed using special software, such as The Onion Router (TOR). TOR encrypts your traffic and bounces it through a network of servers around the world, making it virtually impossible to trace. Because of this anonymity, TOR is often used by people who want to keep their identity and location hidden, such as whistleblowers and journalists

However, because TOR is also used by criminals, it has developed a reputation as a hotbed of illegal activity. In reality, though, most of the dark web consists of boring websites, such as forums and message boards. A small percentage of sites on the dark web are used for illegal purposes, but even then, most of those activities could also be carried out on the regular internet

So why do people use the dark web? For many, it's simply a matter of privacy and freedom from censorship. In countries with oppressive regimes, for example, the dark web provides a way for people to communicate without fear of being monitored or persecuted

What Can You Find on the Dark Web?

Regular Websites

As we mentioned before, most of what you'll find on the dark web are just regular websites, like forums and message boards.

Illegal Activities

However, because of its anonymous nature, the dark web is also used for illegal activities such as drug trafficking and child pornography. We don't condone these activities, but they do exist on the dark web.

The number of potential threats to your business on the Dark Web is increasing. Disregarding the sale of drugs on the Dark Web, 60% of the rest of the Dark Web can be used to harm businesses and individuals. Increasing by 20% since 2019.

For the survival of your business, you need to be aware of the dangers of illegal activities which happen on the Dark Web.

Political Discussions

In addition to illegal activity, you'll also find a lot of political discussion on the dark web. Because people can remain anonymous, they feel free to express opinions that they might not otherwise share publicly. This makes the dark web an important tool for democracy and free speech in countries with oppressive regimes. For example, this may be one of the reasons Russia is the second in the top users of The Dark Web with 11.46% of all users on The Dark Web.


The dark web gets a bad rap because it's associated with illegal activity. However, most of what you'll find on the dark web are just regular websites that provide a way for people to communicate without fear of censorship or persecution. So whether you're looking for political discussion or just want to browse some message boards in peace, the dark web has something for everyone. Just be sure to use caution when traversing this shadowy corner of the internet—after all, not everything is as it seems on the surface.

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