A clean sweep towards cyber security

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It’s time to clean up your act and tighten your organisation’s cybersecurity.

As the number of internet-connected devices in the workplace rises, and the number of small businesses being targeted by hacking soars, it’s vital for every business to have a meaningful handle on how to beat cybercrime.

With spring around the corner, it’s a good a time to take stock and to ensure your organisation has relevant cyber security fundamentals in place.

Please don’t think that your business isn’t big enough to be struck by a cyber-attack, or that it offers nothing of interest to a cyber-criminal. And it doesn’t wash to say that your business hasn’t got the budget for cyber protection.

Studies show that small businesses are exposed to 65,000 cyber-attacks a day. Most are unsuccessful, but a worrying number of breach defences, costing the average small business owner over £6,000.

In fact, almost half of cyber attacks in Britain are now said to be specifically targeting small businesses.

In the face of these statistics and trends, SMEs need to prepare for the inevitable. Knowing the common nature of attacks and the risks involved will help your organisation to protect against online fraud.

The Scottish Government appreciates that in today’s digital world, more needs to be done to help improve cybersecurity. That’s why it’s offering a helping hand to Scottish-based SMEs to gain certification run by the UK Cyber Security Centre.

Cyber Essentials is a highly-regarded cybersecurity credential – and businesses that apply now can receive up to £1000 of the costs of gaining this important accreditation.

As well as reviewing your systems and making your people more alert to the potential pitfalls and risks, going through the Cyber Essentials process is a solid business move, particularly if your operation wants to be involved in tendering procedures.

Public sector organisations and a growing number of private commercial operators and third sector organisations are seeking out assurances to their contractors’ cyber credentials.

Many SMEs may struggle for both time and resources which means they often overlook the need to invest in adequate cyber security. It means that attackers are viewing SMEs as an easy target for them to exploit.

If you can find the time, then the money to help gain Cyber Essentials recognition is out there, ready for the taking. And remember the benefits - it’s simple, cost effective and demonstrates commitment to cyber security that recognises good practice, formalises an organisation’s security procedures and evidences prove supply chain security,  and offers potential to reach new sources of revenue.

We’ve helped lots of businesses gain Cyber Essentials – and with the voucher scheme running until March 2020, now is the time to act.  Want to join them? Contact us now for more information.

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