Local tech talent pipeline comes on stream for Clark Integrated Technologies

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They say there are no problems, only solutions, so in the face of a well-documented skills deficit in the technology sector, Clark Integrated Technologies took its own measures to build a talent pipeline for the future.

That pipeline has come on stream - with Clark IT’s first apprentice gaining a promoted post.

Former Meldrum Academy pupil Neil Warren joined Clark four years ago and he’s now become a second line engineer, helping scores of clients who contact our support desk every week.

Neil is the helpful voice at the end of the phone – or the other side of the keyboard – who trouble shoots all kind of tech glitches that our customers encounter.

To come out on top during a skills shortage, Clark IT appreciated that the solution might lie within its own four walls – using the knowledge and experience of our own staff to hone the next generation of tech experts.

With a desire to ‘grow our own talent’ within Clark IT, we developed connections with Meldrum Academy, and identified that apprenticeships as a great way of building for the future.

Working with training partner, QA, Clark evaluated the right modern apprenticeship and undertook a search for our next rising stars.

Being an SME, this was a learning curve in terms of resource planning, mentoring and support, but it’s been an experience that’s stood us in good stead for incumbent apprentices.

At present, Clark has one apprentice following the same path as Neil and one former apprentice who moved into a first line support engineer role.

For each new job that comes up at Clark IT, we ask ourselves ‘would this work as an apprenticeship?’.

This enables us to continue to source young people, and develop them for the workforce of the future.

Our experience has been positive, and it’s been good for Neil too, who appreciated being able to step into the world of work in his home area.

Neil himself says: “It has been great learning on the job and being paid as you learn. It really lets you understand the pressure of a business and how it operates.

“Clark provided me with my first step on the career ladder and I was fully supported by the company, and training tutors, to keep focus and achieve goals.”

Neil also offers up some advice to others thinking about going down the apprenticeship route.

He continues: “I spent a year at college before joining Clark and the whole team was supportive of apprentices, and dedicate their time to help you succeed. An apprenticeship is a great way to work and learn at the same time, and you really do learn so much, it’s invaluable.”

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