How can Office 365 help my business?

How can Office 365 help my business?

Smart organisations want a user experience that allows access to systems and data anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

It’s all about being able to tap into all resources and collaborate in a seamless manner, regardless of location and device. It’s about doing all that AND being uber cybersecure.

Office 365 uses familiar features of Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel, in conjunction with next generation services like ‘Teams’ - Skype is being dropped as a service and being replaced by Teams - for easy communication and collaboration. It’s effectively an ‘office in the cloud’ that helps save time and increases productivity which in turn can improve the profitability of your business.

Security? A big tick there – it has built-in state-of-the art protection with compliance and privacy controls.

Office 365 offers a monthly subscription so with no upfront cost, this helps organisations manage their budgets.

Still need convincing? Here’s five good business reasons to make the move…  


Imagine being able to collaborate with your staff at the click of a button? That’s a reality with Office 365 which, using a new generation of productivity-based services makes collaboration simple.

Team working

Microsoft describes Teams as a ‘chat-based workspace’ within Office 365. It is designed for (internal and external) groups of all kinds. Within one window, users can call upon a variety of key Office 365 apps and tools to help them work more effectively, including calendars and meetings, creating, sharing, editing and finding content, and chat and instant messaging. Teams is a centralised hub which comes at no extra cost – and it rates well in terms of features, usability and offering.

It’s Good to Share (point)

Utilising the SharePoint application (part of O365) with Office365 makes it easy to work on projects, organise and assign tasks, share files, communicate with colleagues in real-time.

It’s streets ahead for business processes, SharePoint can automate manual processes and create electronic forms, use its workflow capabilities to receive signatures, track how projects are developing and to receive approval. Timescales and reminders can be set up for staff to ensure they don’t get behind and are fully aware of ongoing work and projects.

SharePoint’s analytical tools and insights can help businesses pinpoint specific issues that are affecting the productivity of a department and help create bespoke solutions.

Not everyone within a business needs to see certain files and documents: some may be confidential, others simply not relevant. SharePoint enables access at different levels, from department to an individual, so that staff only have access to what they need.

SharePoint merges easily with all commercial software, eliminating downtime or technical glitches due to conflicting software.


Office 365 comes with security built in as well as compliance and privacy controls. You can add layered protection too with Multi Factor Authentication.

Cost efficiencies

There’s less capital spend on Office 365. Choose the Office 365 version that meets your business needs and paying on a monthly subscription basis helps keep costs down.

Less time is needed for installing, upgrading and managing software, allowing you to do what you do best - focus on the core functions of your business and driving it forward.

Office 365 Migration – the next steps

Clark IT creates tailored cloud infrastructure to meet your business needs. From basic email, calendar and contacts data to email signatures, rules and permissions we can move it all, making your transition to Office 365 risk free and seamless. Get in touch to see how we can help.

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