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When it comes to business and the impact of Covid-19, agility and connectivity have been the buzzwords right from the get-go.

Quite literally overnight, employers and employees adapted their working practices as the ‘work from home’ mantra became loud and clear. And, to answer that call, our personal and professional digital lives have had to come to the fore.

Almost one year into the pandemic and estimates indicate that one in three of us are still working from home. While homeworking may now be the ‘new normal’ for many, it has also exposed many digital inequalities between urban and rural communities. And these inequalities are not necessarily new.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted all our lives, with working from home now the ‘new normal’. And, as the boundaries between our professional and personal spaces become more blurred, we are starting to see the impact – both positive and negative – of remote working. Particularly with the most recent lock down taking place with short days and long nights.

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If you are already a user of what has become Microsoft’s fastest-growing app in history, you’ll realise that meeting in Teams is simple and quick, although not always convenient if you’re in a home setting that's verging on disorganised.

So, before you start a Teams meeting, use the blur background function to put you in focus, rather than what’s behind you, be that a child home-schooling at the kitchen table, a stack of laundry ready for ironing, or an interesting choice of reading material on your bookcase.

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winter wfh cyber risks

As a COVID19 vaccine looms, isn’t it time to immunise your business against winter WFH cyber security risks?

As we face the possibility of a winter of lockdowns across the UK, many office-based workers are faced with WFH until at least spring and as work continues on finding a vaccine for COVID19. But what risks does your business face from cyber security threats?

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Testing times to exercise good cyber health

With millions of employees working from home rather than the office, it is critical that businesses do not lose sight of the risk of hacking and fraud.

The UK's official cybersecurity agency has this week (July 13) launched a tool to practise being cyber attacked for employees currently working from home, some of whom will be using their own personal internet connections and computers.

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