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Ahead of the technology curve for 25 years

Our story is a classic: from humble beginnings in 1991 to an award winning provider of best-in-class Cyber Security, cloud services and IT support 25 years later. It's an exciting journey and we're proud to be always ahead of the curve in the technology world, so we can deliver the very best service to our clients.

Depending on who you ask, we're many different things

To a busy member of staff in one of our client companies...

...we're the IT department who know her by name, and who get her back on track fast when something goes wrong on her computer.

To a company owner getting nervous about the GDPR...

...we're the integrated solution provider which took away the worries and implemented all the services needed for GDPR compliance and tough Cyber Security, now and into the future.

To the Finance Director who used to be in charge of the company IT as well as its finances

...we're the reason he now gets home on time most days, because he's not handling IT headaches that keep appearing out of nowhere.

To the accounts department needing to cut costs in difficult economic times...

...we're the secret weapon that replaced a 3 person IT department with outsourced IT and cloud services, saving a six-figure annual sum while increasing service quality and reliability.

The secret of our success... which you can share

There's a single thread which connects a one-man computer repair business in 1991, through to Clark Computers Ltd providing break-fix service to local business years later, right up to Clark Integrated Technologies providing a truly proactive managed IT service and leading cyber security solutions, and working with sites spanning the globe today.

And it's very simple: customer service.

Yes, you've seen the same sort of claim on every other business website you've ever looked at. But at CIT, there's a difference. For us, customer service isn't a vague concept - it's rock solid. It's the reason we have clients whom we are proud have served for over 20 years as they have grown and expanded. It's the reason we measure feedback on the hundreds of support tickets our service desk handles every week, and can say with hard evidence to back it up that the users of our service are satisfied well over 90% of the time.

It's really the main thing you need to know about Clark Integrated Technologies. Yes, we're highly qualified. Yes, we're passionate about IT. Yes, we're approved technology partners. Yes, we're named as one of the top managed service providers for IT in the world. Yes, we're certified experts on cyber security and the GDPR.

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But what matters more is the reason we're in business and have been for 25 years: we deliver the highest levels of service to our customers, and the results and satisfaction experienced by our clients speak for themselves.

The customer satisfaction we consistently deliver is really the secret of our success.

We'd love to speak to you about how your company can benefit from our experience and dedication. You can contact us right now and a member of the team will be in touch.